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Hotmail problems
I've been getting a number of failed e-mail deliveries from Fanres to Hotmail (and also a couple Protonmail) inboxes in the past two days. There doesn't seem to be an issue with other mail providers, so if you haven't been receiving e-mail notifications, you could try using another address, while I wait for my host to respond about this issue.
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The problem has been present for the last couple of months with various intensity, but it doesn't seem that it can be fixed. Helpdesk from my hosting service was unhelpful, they claimed to have contacted Microsoft about this issue, and it did seem to have improved for a time, but now I'm getting many reports about undelivered messages again. If you are not getting subscription and notification e-mails, and are using a Microsoft e-mail (hotmail.com, hotmail.co.uk etc.), consider changing the address for your account on this forum.
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I think we (read: you! Wink ) should add an advice in the registration page, something like "WARNING: hotmail email address is not supported" - don't know if it's possible to add as a banner, or the registration page should be edited.
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I'll think about it Smile
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A warning is now displayed on registration page
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Necro Post

I use multiple addresses, and use a gmail one exclusively for the virtual sphere.
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