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Roxanne (1987) Colors
I don't know how well know this Steve Martin film is, but a recent Blu-ray release from Mill Creek Entertainment in gimmick VHS looking packaging took an existing transfer and made color and contrast changes.

A quote from Blu-Ray.com:
Mill Creek has adjusted the contrast for its release of Roxanne, boosting the color well above the previous Sony issue which appears hazy and dull by comparison. Here, colors pop with more punch and authority; reds around the fire house, for example, are far deeper, ditto some of the blue shirts worn around the department. White depth is superior, black levels are deeper, and skin tones are fuller with a modest push to red. There's not any major difference to textural revelation. Environments, attire, and skin textures appear similarly if not identically to what the Sony disc has on offer when conducting A-B comparisons. The Mill Creek version further retains a natural grain structure, yielding a pleasing viewing experience. How true or untrue the color temperature is to Director Fred Schepisi's and Cinematographer Ian Baker's original vision for the film is unknown, but it's certainly a departure from Sony's decade-old release and to this reviewer's eyes is the nicer of the two.

It's impressive, but I don't remember the movie EVERY looking vibrant.
Does anyone have any source or idea what is correct for this movie?
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Might be worth checking the Eureka release in the UK.
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Hard to tell, but just checking out some Eureka screenshots, it seems like that's fairly similar to the Mill Creek release.
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