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Tips On Cleaning Up Analogue SD Footage
Hi All,

Probably showing my lack of knowledge here so please take it easy on me!

I've had a few different projects captured by a company previously and I really need to do something with them. They are currently large pro res SD files, some are from NTSC Laserdiscs and some are from PAL & NTSC VHS tapes.

When they were captured they were using high spec equipment and time based correctors etc so they look pretty good at the moment, but if I can I'd like to improve them. Eventually they'll be going onto blu ray as H264 files, staying as SD, with uncompressed audio.

I've read spoRv's guide on analogue capture but that seems to be more getting the source captured rather than dealing with it after it's captured. I’ve used premiere, virtualdub and ripbot many times – not used avisynth before but happy to learn.

Here are some of my thoughts:

• For anything that’s 29.97 fps I understand the best approach is to IVTC and decimate back to 23.976? (or is that only for HD?) For anything that’s 25 fps should I just leave it at 25 fps?
• I’m not sure where to begin in terms of sharpening the image – I appreciate you can’t create detail that isn’t there so not sure if there is anything I can do.
• Most of these titles have never been released on DVD or Blu, the odd one has in a much shorter version and for those I’ll try using DrDre’s colour matching tool
• I found this guide that has a lot of detail on filtering in Virtualdub https://www.engon.de/audio/vhs4_en.htm

Has anyone got any thoughts or other suggestions?

Thanks all
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The guide you linked is pretty nice for a start, so I'd follow it and see the results.
I'd not go with avisynth for now, unless you want to spend AN AWFUL amount of time to learn how to use it...
Premiere should be easier, but I never used it, so I can't say anything.
But you can also try DaVinci Resolve, free and good.
Thanks given by: alleycat
Thanks spoRv I will have a play around and see how it turns out. Hopefully I'll be able follow up with some decent looking before and after pics. Cheers
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