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Underwater (2020) - impressions
I usually do not go to theater anymore, due to various reasons that I will not list here.

Yet, sometimes, if ticket price is very low I could spend couple € to watch a decent movie. Other times - really few - I spend normal ticket price to watch a movie that I feel the "urge" to watch, and this was one of these times.

Stumbled upon the trailer ten days ago, I immediately thought "I HAVE to watch it ASAP!". And I watched it a week later, in theater... in Vilnius (that is the capital of Lithuania, if someone is too lazy to search for it), in English with Lithuanian subtitles.

Yes, I know, subtitles were a bit distracting. And, frankly, I lost sometimes the sense of dialog due to quite fast speech - except for Vincent Cassel that, being French, luckily speaks at a reasonable pace (for an Italian, at least!)

I liked this movie. Quite a lot, indeed! One of the best thing ever, is the fact that action started almost immediately, two minutes at most in the movie. No useless half movie time spent in prologues, explanations etc. no, directly in the action. Perfect!

Acting: far from perfect, but more than decent. Dialogs: as written before, lost something, but good enough. Story: nothing original, still interesting. Monsters: great, apart the supa-dupa over-the-top final one (that I liked as well, by the way). Music, very good. SFX, perfect.

Alien meets what The Abyss should have been.

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I'm watching this at the weekend and looking forward to it Smile
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Seeing this tomorrow night. Away for work business and the hotel I'm at overnight has a cinema next door
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