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Long John Silver Return to Treasure Island (1954)
Hi all,
There was an unofficial non-disney sequel to Disney’s Treasure Island starring Robert Newton. It is no where near as good as the original, but it has Robert Newton as in my mind the greatest screen pirate.


Anyway i have the VCI dvd ‘remastered’ dvd which has the cinemascope print. The remaster is crap. They did letterbox instead of anamorphic. Supposedly the aspect ratio is 2.55:1 what i noticed is the center of the film is spread very wide  so people look fat, and the edges are squished, so when there is movement there, it is quicker than when they move in the center if the film. 
I attempted to use the globe in one scene as a reference to get proper pixel height and width trying to make it look like a perfect circle when it was in the center if the picture. But i still have issues when it is at the edges looking much like an egg. 

When i fixed the pixels in the center the total film aspect ratio went from 2.55:1 to about 2.40:1. I think if i could some how restretch just the compressed edges i could get closer to the original theatrical 2.55:1. 
Anybody know of an avi script that could help with that?

The next big thing with the dvd is there are areas that are dark and areas that are completely blown out. I know there isn’t much i can do without the raw video, but i am wondering if anybody out there wants to help with do some minor color regrading, as that is beyond my skills.  

Once i finally have the aspect ratio done and the colors fixed, was hoping to use topaz video enhancer to maybe bring it up to 1080p. It wouldn’t be perfect, but k think it would be a far better version that is available. Given that it is in public domain now, there is very little chance of a true remaster. 

Feel free to message me here if anyone has some free time and  is interested in helping?
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