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Blu Ray General Purpose Registers (GPR)
This is neither a request for help nor a guide, just an FYI for anyone interested in blu ray authoring and what can be done with some of the higher end BD-J software. 

There are 4096 General Purpose Registers (0-4095):

- 1000-1999 – stores the current audio, subtitle and chapter number for each playlist
- 2000-3999 – stores the current play time for resume feature for each playlist
- 4001 – sound FX on/off
- 4003 – 3D mode
- 4005 – “Top menu” pressed flag

That leaves 0-999 and 4006-4090 for your own use.

For example I recently did a project for a TV show, where each episode has it's own sub menu page. On your remote there is a top menu button and if you press this when the movie is playing you can specify in the authoring program which menu loads. However in my project if I was watching episode 1, I wanted top menu to load the sub menu for episode 1, if I was watching episode 2 I wanted top menu to load the sub menu for episode 2 and so on. I didn't want every episode to navigate to the same menu when pressing top menu.

There isn't the option to do this directly, but I was able to achieve it using GPR. So when you press play on episode 1, that action first of all sets GPR 50 to 10, then it plays the episode. Episode 2 sets GPR 50 to 20 and so on. When you are watching the episode and press the top menu button on your remote it runs a switch action, if GPR 50 = 10 load sub menu 1, if GPR 50 = 20 load sub menu 2 etc. Finally it resets GPR 50 to 0 - so to avoid causing any issues later. 

Another example was when using a pop up menu. For this project the closing of the pop up menu had animation, fading out different parts of it in turn. There were two actions that caused the pop up to close, close it and carry on watching the movie or close it and return to the main menu. So again GPR helped with this. When you select close it sets GPR 50 to 10 and when you select main menu it sets GPR 50 to 20. Then it plays the closing animation, then it runs a switch action. If GPR 50 = 10 it closes the pop up menu and keeps the movie playing, if GPR 50 = 20 it stops the movie and returns to the main menu. Then of course it resets GPR 50 to 0.

Anyway most people won't really care because they just want a simple MKV, but I am still amazed by what can be done with blu ray authoring. To be fair I only scratch the surface on the discs I make.
Thanks given by: pipefan413 , ReconWorld
even some of the DVD functions used to impress me back in the day.

notable examples were The Abyss DVD with the pre-vis model footage of the camera flying by the submarine. it was shot on VHS camcorder but you could mask the picture with black bars to give it the 2:35.1 aspect ration with the subtitle button

also the MST3K style commentary on the original ghostbusters dvd
Thanks given by: alleycat

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