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Twin Dragons (1992) desaturation and colour correction

You all might have seen my thread requesting LD audio for this one (if anyone has it), so I thought I'd post about the project as a whole.

This one is a collaboration with a few friends of mine. A relatively simple* project being done to fix the colours of the available uncut HD print (corresponding to the HK version) and add some good audio and English subtitles to it.

Here are the tentative specs.

Video - German blu-ray print. It features a heavier level of saturation than the Japanese blu-ray, but otherwise they use the same print. The German blu-ray is higher bitrate so the choice was made to use that one.

Audio - We're currently looking for sources of Cantonese mono sources for the Hong Kong print to consider. It will also feature the Cantonese track from the Japanese print (some music cues are different/differently ordered), the classic English dub, and a hybrid of the Miramax and classic dubs. The German BD does feature a 2.0 track but consensus is that it might be a downmix so we're hoping to compare it with others. 

Subtitles: based on those found on the Joy Sales DVD, which mightn't need much changing as that release actually featured a new translation (as opposed to others in that series that reused subtitles from other releases or just Google translated them).

WIP screenshots coming soon.

*'relative' because while we've spotted the saturation and will be able to fix it, the level differs from scene to scene. Some scenes look like this:

[Image: LY7yQwH.jpg]

while some look like this:
[Image: dIs3mL4.jpg]

Other than that, colours do seem mostly okay.
Thanks given by: pipefan413 , PDB
I was/am planning to OCR the HKL DVD subs anyway so I'll let you know if I do in case you want those sent across
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Please feel free to if you do!
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Work in progress shots:

[Image: PWU5ZOY.jpg]

[Image: 9oUg1xs.jpg]

[Image: inPpDuv.jpg]

[Image: BCIqj6Q.jpg]
Thanks given by: pipefan413 , PDB
Ta for doing this, it certainly seems to need it!
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It does IMO, to be honest I'm curious if whoever transferred this (it's a Media Asia print so maybe it predates the Fortune Star 2k/4k remasters) did something to cause this or it was a flaw inherent to the source.
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Update: still tweaking this one, might have a line on a mono track too.
Thanks given by: pipefan413 , PDB
The last 'attempt' came out a bit too desaturated when viewing it in play. I've got a source for the Miramax version as well. Unusually their release is probably one of the Jackie films that they've 'remastered' or tweaked with the least. I'm confident that when this one is ready it'll look pretty good!

Current progress:



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Restarting as you have looks to be a good movie. Nice!
Thanks given by: Serums
Does anyone know if older SD releases of the HK version have the blue tint as featured on the Joy Sales disc?

I'm curious if this was theatrical. As seen here:


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
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