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Police Story III colour regrade/correction
I haven't started yet (as such), because I don't have all the materials as of now. But I'm planning to take the new 4k-remastered restoration, and colour correct it (as it unfortunately features 'Ritrovata syndrome'). Will likely use the video from an earlier fan project to colour match, as it's what I have available (alongside the murky HK remaster on DVD).

Planning to also add the original 2.0 track, and a good set of English subs. If there's anything anyone feels I should include, I'm all ears.

Thanks given by: CSchmidlapp , PDB
I have the recently released UK versions of 1 and 2 from EuReKa, but I had no idea this had been remastered to tell you the truth.
Have Fortune Star released all of them in HK then?
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It got remastered at the same time, but (I'm assuming) rights issues have held up the remaster of part 3 getting a release with the Eureka set, at least. It's only gotten a Japanese release so far (timed to coincide with the Japanese release of 'Bleeding Steel', bizarrely retitled 'Police Story: Reborn'), I assume it'll get a wider release soon enough. Probably with the same colours. There are some screenshots of it here: https://forum.blu-ray.com/showpost.php?p...tcount=709

Figured I'd pick up the Japanese blu-ray while it was on sale.
Thanks given by: CSchmidlapp
Miramax/Dimension supposedly still owns PS III, which was reedited and retitled into "Supercop" for English speaking markets they released this version in.
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(2018-12-04, 02:23 AM)SpaceBlackKnight Wrote: Miramax/Dimension supposedly still owns PS III, which was reedited and retitled into "Supercop" for English speaking markets they released this version in.

I believe they do, hence the likelihood of rights issues. It looks like they never had rights to it in Asia, though. So this version could theoretically get a release in other parts of Asia.

I think the fan project I will be using as a basis for the colour might reflect the 'Supercop' edit more, but I don't know how the HK version is 'supposed' to look. The releases I'm familiar with are quite dark, but I can't speak for anything released earlier (and I've long since forgotten how it looked when I first saw it on TV).
Thanks given by:
A brief progress update:
I still don't have my copy, but screencaps of the Japanese release have too much yellow in them. Typical Ritrovata remaster. Comparison with the HK blu-ray:

Would it be possible to correct it adequately by tweaking the hue and/or saturation, or would it be easier to work with LUTs.
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What software are you using to color correct this?

I use Adobe Premiere CC myself and it has a effect plug built in called Fast Color Corrector
In that there is a White Balance picker, try applying it to the Helicopter in this scene


Its should get you on your way Smile
Thanks given by: Serums
I'd be trying Davinci Resolve. I don't have Premiere, but I'll see if Resolve has something similar. Thanks! Hopefully my copy gets here soon. Weekend mail delivery due to Christmas, so fingers crossed.
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Resolve should have something similar.
Ive not used Resolve, but it is said by many to be a much better color correction tool.
Ive been meaning to make the jump myself.
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It does, but Resolve itself doesn't seem to be working for me the way I need it to (the BD has since arrived). Short of doing LUTs for every scene, it might take me a while to figure out how to get Davinci to work.
I'm testing Vegas Pro, as I've used it for audio in the past. Got the film as a DNxHD encoded file, and it's loaded okay. Fingers crossed.
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