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[Help] New poll in a new thread
Hello all. Does anyone here know how to create a new poll for a new thread in this forum ? I tried to look earlyer, but aside on "attach a new poll" I couln't find anything on how to create one here.

Can anyone help please ?

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Hi, if you create a new Thread there are some options under the text entry area. first is "Post options" with siganture turning on and so, second is
"Thread Subscriptions", if you want get noticed on new Posts, and then its followed by:
Optionally you may attach a poll to this thread. I want to post a poll
Number of options: (Maximum: 10)

Maybe this is not visible on mobile?

EDIT: I see your problem now... somehow there no options for the poll showing up, when entering the number.

EDIT2: Okay, after writing the Thread, shosing the poll, and the options, going on "post thread" the Poll options occur. but then the Thread already is posted... (without a poll, yet)
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Thanks MrBrown. I just finished a post with a poll right now. Feel free to check it out, it may interest you ;-)
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