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Hello everyone, I'm Goggen240, my day job is digital projectionist and in my spare time I sometimes mess around with videos.
One of my corona hobbies has been to watch every WWII ever made, and that's led me to make undubbed extended Soviet war movie edits, which people usually don't find interesting at all, for some reason.
And then I came across this place!

Mostly, I've been using VirtualDub for video editing, Audacity for (amateur) audio editing, and I've fallen in love with FFMatch for synchronizing soundtracks.
I've been trying to get into AutoOverlay for AVISynth, and that's how I came across this here forum.
I'll be making a couple posts in the other subforums, I'm new, so feel free to move them around or edit them or whatever if I post them in the wrong spots.

I'll be posting sporadically (and from work, shhh) about my projects, so stay tuned!
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Posting from work... great! Big Grin

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Fantastic. Welcome. As a war film enthusiast myself, I look forward to seeing what you share.
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(2021-06-27, 02:24 AM)Dks8819 Wrote: Fantastic. Welcome. As a war film enthusiast myself, I look forward to seeing what you share.

The two things I'm the closest to finishing is:
An undubbed version of "Is Paris Burning?" (1966) over here https://fanrestore.com/thread-4008.html
And an undubbed version of the "Liberation"/"Освобождение" (1969-1971) Soviet epic war movie series which I haven't gotten around to making a thread for yet. "The Last Assault"/"Последний штурм" (film 5/5) is done, since they only speak Russian and German (and I have both versions), but I've stalled a bit on the other spoken languages. Detailed post to follow...
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