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500 free Russian VHS tapes in Berlin
So, while looking for Soviet war movies on VHS on eBay (as one does) I came across this listing for, as the subject says, five hundred Russian VHS cassettes, given away for free, in Berlin:

The posting is pick-up only, and there's just one picture with only eleven visible tapes and only two titles visible, which is these two:
40 Days, 40 Nights (2002), American movie (in Russian)
D'Artagnan and Three Musketeers / д'Артаньян и три мушкетёра (1978), Part 2 of 3, Soviet movie

I can't think of anyone else that might be interested except this crowd, so here's you go. If I wasn't stuck in a different country not particularly close to Berlin I might've considered picking them up, if only to look for war movies.
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There are some German members here; dunno if they live in or close Berlin, but I'd ask if someone is kind enough to pick them up; of course you must manage then how to get those tapes! Big Grin
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