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[Fan edit] [Database] My Anime Series Movie Recuts

So I do Anime Series Movie Recuts (among all other my pasttimes), meaning that I take an anime series, I remove everything unacessary and keep anything that is integral to the plot.

I also remove any shot that is just padding (even the sneaky 1-5 seconds shots that just dither time) and make it so that the experience is a s flowing as possible (may vary in relation to the type of anime, animes with stand alone episodes like Samurai Champloo are the most difficult to work on).

This is the list of "Movie Recuts" available.

Just search for "anime movie recut youtube playlist" on google and you will find what you need (a Youtube Playlist)
List is updated regularly each forthnight.

In case you have "Emule", just search for "recut" and you will find my files


Ah My Goddess! (no stupidity recut)
Angel Cop
Area 88 (2004)
Back Street Girls Gokudolls
Black Jack 21
Black Lagoon Season 1
Blood C
Blood Will Tell: Dororo
Cowboy Bebop
Darkstalkers - No Filler Recut
Death Note
Death Parade
Demon Prince Enma
Desert Punk
Devilman - Perdition of Self - New
Devil May Cry
Devilman Lady
Elfen Lied
Final Fantasy OAV - No Idiocy Recut
Final Fantasy Unlimited
Flourishing Showa - Rakugo Suicide
Galaxy Express 999 - Queen Emeraldas
Hakuouki Sekkaro (feel good slice of life recut)
Hellsing - Side Story Recut (2001 Anime)
Hellsing Ultimate - Pantomime (2001 Anime Ost)
Mad Bull 34
Made in Abyss
Megaman NT
Mezzo Forte DSA (The Series Movie Recut)
Monster Girls Doctor [Wholesome Recut]
Nightsong Of Splendor
Odd Taxi
Samurai 7
Samurai Champloo
Secret Of Blue Water - Nadia
Sonic X - The Journey Begins
Street Fighter II Victory
Trigun - Prequel Movie
Wolf's Rain
Yu-Gi-Oh Season 0
Thanks given by: SIUse
Hint: edit also the first post with new entries - and update date too; it will be easier to read the whole list in a single post - even if now it's easy, I guess you will add a lot of new titles in the next future! Wink
Thanks given by: youtubeisawesome

What I do with my lists:

- update first post with "title X"
- post a new comment with something like "title X added; first post updated"

so if someone is following my thread, they will know when there is an update; if you only edit the first post, nobody can know it, unless they visit it again and remember the difference from the pre-update! Wink
Thanks given by:
UPDATE - Added "ReLife - Movie Recut"
Thanks given by:
UPDATE - Hellsing Movie Recut has been replaced with a much better cut that now is a 100% side-story without conflicting with the main canon and has a badass ending that leads to the main story.
Thanks given by:
Interesting work! May I ask which source(s) you used to recut Street Fighter II V?
Thanks given by:
Massive Update Check It Out
Thanks given by:
UPDATE - Added stuff, just look for the Youtube Playlist witht he movie recuts by searching for any of the listed movies on Google Search
Thanks given by:
UPDATE - Added a lot of stuff

Shiki Movie Recut,
Odd Taxi Movie Recut,
Bartender Movie Recut,
Back Street Girls Movie Recut,
Angel Cop Movie Recut,
Terraformars Movie Recut,
Flourishing Showa Movie Recut,
Black Jack 21 Movie Recut,
Blood Will Tell Movie Recut,
Onihei Movie Recut,
Thanks given by:

Added lot of stuff (as usual just serach for "Anime Movie Recut" on google search and look for the youtube playlist):


Hakuouki Sekkaro - Movie Recut 
Ah My Goddess! - Movie Recut
Ozma - Movie Recut 
Galaxy Express 999: Queen Emaraldas - Movie Recut
Mad Bull 34 - Movie Recut
Nightsong Of Splendor - Moivie Recut
Monster Girl Doctor - Wholesome Movie Recut
Demon Prince Enma - Movie Recut
Rec! - Movie Recut
Sonic X - A New Journey (Movie Recut)
Blood C Zero (Anime Series) - Movie Recut
Thanks given by:

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