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Who here can do bit-perfect LD audio capture?

I have several LDs I'd like to get PCM audio off of, including the first LD of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (which has the mono mix - it doesn't say it's digital on the box but LDDB says it has digital, and my friend with an LD player was able to toggle the soundtrack to "Digital" - though the player only has analog out). I also wanted to get a PCM capture of the Image Entertainment "The Superman Cartoons of Max and Dave Fleischer" to fix the audio problems on the WB masters (released on DVD/BD in SD and on the now-defunct DC Universe streaming service in HD). However, I don't know of anybody in the USA who can do bit-perfect PCM capturing. Can anybody here other than BusterD capture bit-perfect PCM, who I could have the LDs sent to?

Thanks for any help.
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