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Ripping audio from Cinema DTS discs

This is my first post and I found this forum by accident. Having worked as a Projectionist/Technician for the last 30 years and now working with DCPs, I remember the early days of DTS, starting with the 4 channel version in our theatre with Jurassic Park and then the following year being pushed to the 6 channel when True Lies was released. I'm glad I found this forum since what many of you have been doing with restoring tracks is exactly what I've been trying to do for awhile now (along with experimenting with film scanning). 

I recently have been trying to work with Cinema DTS discs and getting the soundtrack off of the disc to sync up with a bluray or UHD video file. I know over at Film-Tech they have an extractor program which was mostly designed for compiling trailer disc files and creating a custom trailer disc for your preshow. Even with the advent of the DTS 6D, having the 3rd CD Rom was a great help when they started to encode for trailers in the late 90s, but you still had those problems where all those trailer tracks may not have been available on one disc, so it was a good program to have. I didn't need it by that time since we were using Dolby Digital. I've never used that program before and being a Mac OS user, most of these custom programs aren't available for MAC. 

I've tried to get a DTS CD to mount even as a data disc but only have been successful in getting the B disc to load where the A disc just ejects. The B disc looks to have reel files starting with reel 2, so I'm assuming the A disc has reel 1 and the attached trailer files. I was experimenting with the track that I did pull off the disc and I ended up with an .AUD file. I know there is a program called Foobar2000 that can read them, but again, only for Windows. 

Some of the new bluray and UDH mixes are aweful and I remember theatrical DTS releases sounding incredible! Even the first year 4 track mixes sound better than some of the newer near field mixes. 

Any suggestions on where to start to extract and convert the file is greatly appreciated. In the meantime, I'll keep on looking through the archive. 


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You have definitely come to the right place

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Ripping CDTS discs is easy, just copy the AUD files, convert to wav with foobar APTX-100 plugin, then make the proper volume adjustments.
Check this thread for more in-depth info:
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It certainly seems like I found the right place. There's a couple things I can get involved with by looking at some post already.

What's the best way to rip the disc to get the AUD files? That's where I'm stuck. I guess on a Windows computer, it won't eject the disc if it doesn't know what file structure it is?
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I don't use Windows, but it's just a normal CDROM. You should just be able to mount it and copy the files
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