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[In progress] Dracula (1931) - Original Movietone Aspect Ratio & Green Tint
The existing Blu-ray is clearly off-center, as it's not matted correctly for its original 1.2:1 aspect ratio. It was also released theatrically with a green tint. Attempting to recreate both.

[Image: tWjh0ps.png]
[Image: e5yPOhd.png]
[Image: py7W0ig.png]
[Image: n54h1gl.png]
Thanks given by: Johnny-5 , nat
Looks nice! Interested to see the final result.
Thanks given by:
Interesting project. I'd heard that Frankenstein was originally green-tinted but had no idea that Dracula was as well.

That green is quite garish though. Do you have any kind of reference for the shade of green that it should be? There was a project attempting to recreate the silent version of Dracula which included the original green tint here:

Apparently that guy used a Kodak colour card of the era and some accompanying reference frames from another film to get close to how the original green may have looked.
Thanks given by:
It's a Kodachrome Verdante LUT, but I've tweaked the luma a little because by default it was blowing out the brights way too much and the blacks weren't anything approaching black at all. If I just run with the LUT, it looks like this:

[Image: TzARdlv.jpg]
Thanks given by: Turisu
I see what you mean about the blacks. But still personally I prefer the tint in the untouched shot.
Thanks given by:
I think the whites are more of an issue than the blacks.

Original/tint only/tint with white adjustment/tint with white and black adjustment

[Image: IbOMW9A.jpg]

[Image: W7ADpse.jpg]

[Image: wXRh09o.jpg]

[Image: oqfHLNL.jpg]
Thanks given by: nat
Potential middle ground:
[Image: 66wAfK8.jpg]
Thanks given by: Johnny-5
Middle ground looks good to me. Is the source the 4K UHD?
Thanks given by:
It's the old Blu-ray. I don't have the new discs, nor do I have an HDR-compatible editing setup.
Thanks given by:
Personally, I think the last shot is definitely the best.

If you can get a hold of the UHD, it's much superior to the BD. You can check the comparison at caps-a-holic Wink

Even converted to SDR, the UHD source should yield better results than the BD;
Thanks given by:

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