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[Released] Psy (1992) HDTV Restoration
This is my first restoration, so do not go too hard Wink

This is something I did when I noticed there was no official blu-ray for this movie, after watching it on a DVD with very poor quality. Mostly was done just so I can learn for the future, but it has been a valuable experience.

Theatrical Poster upscale:
[Image: poster.png]

AUDIO 1: DVD DTS 5.1 Mix (AC3, Slowed down to 24/1.001, converted to DTS HD-MA)
AUDIO 2: HDTV Stereo Mix (AC3, Slowed down to 24/1.001, Empty 5.1 Channels removed, converted to DTS HD-MA)
SUBTITLES: English, from this website.

What was done:
Logos removed with AVISynth (rm_logo) and Topaz Video Enhance AI
Standards converted to NTSC format (Closer to theatrical; should work on most PAL players)
DVD 5.1 synced to HDTV Stereo
Macro-blocking and combing from fake interlace removed with Video Enhance AI
Film emulation (Filmconvert) to cover AI artifacts and "waxiness" from deblocking

Thumbnails w/ Media Info:
[Image: Psy-1992-mkv-Thumbnail.jpg]

Comparison screenshots (top: HDTV, bottom: restoration)
[/url][url=https://postimg.cc/bGFXDQcW][Image: vlcsnap-2021-11-07-20h19m18s274.png]

[Image: vlcsnap-2021-11-07-20h23m30s096.png]
Thanks given by: SpaceBlackKnight , alleycat , Hitcher , spoRv , Feallan , nat
Finish Blu-Ray cover art
Better x264 export(??) (Already BD compliant, just higher bitrate mayhaps?)
Polish subtitles
Try AnDup for audio
Make BD ISO with menu/settings and DVD extras (maybe upscaled)
Thanks given by:
Nice work considering the available sources!

I have some information regarding this movie, senty over a PM to avoid thread derailment.
Thanks given by: Mediahead
Nice job! Sadly some logo "remains" is still visible on the comparison posted... have you tried to use the DVD for logo removal instead?
Thanks given by:
Yes I have, however it would look worse/more noticeable than this method, and a lot more difficult too.
Thanks given by:
Congrats on finishing your first project.
Thanks given by: Mediahead
(2021-11-08, 01:47 PM)spoRv Wrote: Nice job! Sadly some logo "remains" is still visible on the comparison posted... have you tried to use the DVD for logo removal instead?

Wanted to clarify, just to be sure, but for most of the movie there is no remainants of the logo. in the future I may make an updated version that patches what little is left of the logo out.
Thanks given by: spoRv

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