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Anatomy of a Murder (1959) Laserdisc [30701] Synced to UHD
Hi folks - a laserdisc soundtrack for you all. The original mono, now perfectly synced to the 4K Blu-ray (which has a fake mono - actually a downmix of a 5.1 remix). PM for a link - enjoy!

[Image: PiFVAB6.jpg]

Tech Details:

FILE NAME:  AnatomyOfAMurder_LaserdiscUHDSync.wav
DURATION:  02:40:35
AUDIO:  2.0 Mono LPCM - English - 48KHz - 16 Bit


Anatomy of a Murder (Laserdisc - USA - 1992 - Cat: 30701)
Columbia Classics Collection: Volume 2 (4K UHD - USA - 2021 - Cat: UHDRPDA2131)

More info:
Thanks given by: PDB , Warm Gun , BlightedTomato , axeyou , Stamper , J Nada
This is exactly why I had to sign up when I stumbled upon this site. Using LD to get true original audio into the latest 4K format for best of all worlds. Truly love that somewhere like this exists Smile

Thanks TheLoon, I PM'd you. Hopefully that is okay from a newly joined member...
Thanks given by: TheLoon
I’ve finally given this a watch/listen. It sounds great: Clearer (but quieter) than the tracks on the 4K disc. I’ve found that I needed to raise ~15db on my receiver from my usual volume. Once adjusted, you can hear a slight hiss in the background (courtesy to a welcoming lack of hiss reduction) but it’s very easy to ignore it. Thanks, Loon!
Thanks given by: TheLoon
I've got a recording of the 86 hi-fi VHS that should be the same mastering as the LD, but potentially a bit higher quality. I'll PM you, would like to see how it compares.
Thanks given by: stwd4nder2 , TheLoon
Oh wow! PM incoming, thanks!
Thanks given by: TheLoon

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