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It's official: I'M IN LOVE!
What do you think? I'm in love with my new piece of hardware! Big Grin

OK, let's start from the beginning...

Once upon a time, I used my PC for everything, and a BD player (and/or PS3) to watch movies - plus a laserdisc player, but I guess it's obvious...

Then I started to make projects, and albeit I released all my projects as BD compliant, I only burned the first ones that, with my dismay, can't be played correctly from the BD player nor the PS3... hence, the PC was the one and only player for anything - audio and video.

One or two years ago I bought an used old media player for next to nothing, to feed the Pioneer plasma in another room. It was already limited at the time (only HD, no h265) but for most of the movies, when needed, it was useful.

Then later I started to think about AV1, and because that old piece of cra... lovely art was not compatible with them, I started to think about getting one. And I discovered that, at the time, none had hardware AV1 support, so I simply put the idea apart.

Lately, resumed the idea about AV1 decoding (https://fanrestore.com/thread-4497.html) so I started to search around, and discovered that the new AMLogic s905x4 SOC offers it; very few models available around me actually, and prices are steep (relatively to other TV BOXes) at around 150€... but Aliexpress is my friend, and in the far China the same models could be found for about 100€; I'm talking about the less-crappy models with 4GB RAM and 64GB storage, not the 2GB/16GB.

But I also read an horror story where a customer ordered one of them, just to receive one with s905x3 SOC - without AV1 hardware decoder... plus, all reviews said that all models did not have the automatic frame rate switching, then for example if you go from 24fps to 60fps you have to set it up manually! Eek

These facts, and also that to have I should wait at least two months, and if it arrived with the wrong SOC or having really these problems with no firmware updates that can solve them, let me desist... sad, as it would be a nice Xmas gift for myself! Happy

Then, you know what? Looking on the local ads website for another thing, BOOM! Here you are, the same model I was looking for, in the nearby shop for 150€, for "only" 100€... "brand new, sold because I don't like Android TV"... mmmh... well, at least I can find it and, if it's not compatible with the codecs I want and/or have frame rate switching, I can always say "no, thanks!" and leave it here.

But guess what? I brought it home with me!!!

It's a Mecool KM6 Deluxe; to start with it, let's say what it CAN'T do:
- Netflix can't stream UHD
- AVC High 10@L5.1 DCI 4K can't be played properly
- ProRes DCI 2K plays at slow rate (but its bitrate was 165mbps!)
- it should not play UHD 8K/DCI 8K @60fps
- some apps may not work properly because it uses (certified) Android TV

Then, something that it could do with a player on another (tested with default and MX player):
- AV1 any resolution up to DCI 8K
- HEVC any resolution up to DCI 8K
- AVC any resolution up to DCI 4K (Main @4.1)
- DTS-HD, Dolby Atmos, FLAC, PCM, AAC

and various other less used video codecs at various resolutions

- VC1
- H263/DiVX
- Real Media (!)
- WMV9 (!)
- VC2 - YES, Dirac!!!
- LAGARITH!!! YES, you have read well! (at least full HD... must try UHD!)

So, from now on, I'll watch all my movies, listen to all my music, and test all my future projects with it!!!

My advice: if you need a media player now because you have not (or yours is broken/old), get one (or another using the same S905X4 or, better, S908X when available)
Thanks given by: nat , alexpeden2000
Having a device that can handle 4K video and lossless audio of all shapes & forms is essential given the sorry state of UHD audio tracks - great find Andrea.
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Thanks Alex!

For now I tried it only connected to the old Plasma; time to connect it to receiver to understand if it can properly play Dolby Atmos and DTS:X... Auro3D too, maybe? I'll do ASAP!
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Addendum: also the Realtek RTD1319 has an AV1 hardware decoder; don't know more about other (non standard) settings, because I found those ones by chance - using an old portable HDD that have them as test clips... so, that's what you can call luck!
Thanks given by:

- it plays lagarith up to 1080p smoothly; 2160p stutters, but I guess it's because bitrate is around 450mbps so the HDD should be not fast enough...
- it plays UHD 8K h265 without fuss
- it plays DCI 4K AV1 with FLAC or OPUS with no problems
- it shows DCP trailers but both 2K and 4K can't play properly
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That's cool. I use a Zappiti player myself, these boxes are needed now especially for anyone like us who won't be satisfied until the real original audio is married with the latest quality remaster.
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Been looking for something to replace my Shield TV, but the lack of auto framerate switching is kind of deal killer.
Can it play Dolby Vision?
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No no, it HAS auto framerate switching!

Dolby Vision, I think it can "see" it but output sould be simple HDR - not sure, though!
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I also use a Zappiti One 4K HDR. The next gen is coming soon and will be Dolby Vision. I don't know yet with which container it will be compatible. UHD blu-ray ISO only or mp4 or Mkv files as well? We'll see.
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I guess the problem encountered with the trailer I've sent could be the same I've found in this device: partial incompatibility with AVC HP@5.1 encoded at high res/bitrate.

Your media player is great, basically only missing the AV1. Dunno if it will play Lagarith encoded files, though (if you are interested in that, of course!)
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