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stwd4nder2 Audio Syncs
Links available via PM. Special thanks to BDGeek for hosting some of the files.

Cinema DTS

In Progress:
  • TBD
Tracks I'm Currently Looking For:

Cinema DTS/Datasat:
The Fast and the Furious (2001)
Jurassic World (2015)

The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad (1949)[Mono] thanks bronan
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(2021-12-26, 11:18 PM)stwd4nder2 Wrote: Tracks I'm Currently Looking For:

Cinema DTS:
Godzilla (1998)
Requiem for a Dream (2000)
Mulan (1998)

The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad (1949)[Mono]
Jaws (1975) [Mono]

I'm sure crissrudd has a copy.
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[Image: MV5BYWMwMzQxZjQtODM1YS00YmFiLTk1YjQtNzNi...X1000_.jpg]
The CDTS sync of Black Hawk Down is now available. Synced to the theatrical cut on the US UHD. Thanks to BDgeek for providing the files.

Available in three versions:

1) Theatrical LFE - LFE increased standard 6dB, which should be the theatrical level according to documentation on this site.  
2) DVD LFE - LFE increased an extra 2.5 dB to match DVD levels.
3) UHD LFE - LFE increased an extra 10.5 dB to match UHD levels.

I find the theatrical to be kind of lacking. The DVD LFE levels help while still respecting original intent of the sound design. I honestly prefer the third version.

Tech Info
The raw AUD files were converted using the APT-X100 foobar2000 plugin, resampled to 48KHz, and slowed down to 23.976 FPS. Surround's have been lowered -3dB and LFE increased +6Db. Final encode is a BD compatible DTS-HD file, muxing to MKV requires an offset of -21ms. Because of seamless branching issues, for best sync I recommend ripping the disc with MakeMKV with no audio tracks selected then muxing the audio with mkvtoolnix.
Thanks given by: Stamper , BDgeek , alleycat , spoRv , The Aluminum Falcon , SHM , SIUse
So I finally got the chance to sit down and watch BHD, and I found the LFE to be lacking. I did some comparisons, and found that I had to increase the LFE another ~10Db (on top of the required 6Db to bring it to theatrical levels) to get it closer to the DTS on the UHD. I think this might be some encoding mistake on the CDTS disc, because at UHD levels it sounds much better and more natural.
Does anyone have more information on this mix? Really curious what happened here. Also if anyone has the DVD 5.1 I'd love to check that out and see how the levels compare. In the meantime I'll create a v2 release with "improved/possibly correct" LFE level.
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I doubt it's an error. Theatrical presentation is a big deal for studios, far more so than home video releases. It's likely that your Cinema DTS track is exactly what was (and was intended) to be heard in theatres and the LFE was simply jacked up for home video. I can check my BHD source files if you like in case they differ from yours.
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I've just taken a look at the source files from the ISOs I have. I see what you mean about the LFE being low for what is otherwise a very loud and dynamic mix. Perhaps it was a deliberate artistic decision to add to the gritty realism by having it not sound like a typical Hollywood action movie.

In any case that's how it would have played in theatres so it's great to have it as an option as well as the more bombastic home mix for those that prefer it.
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Thanks for doubling checking your files. I get what your saying about going for something "realistic", but it doesn't really sound that way it sound like I didn't make proper level adjustments to the LFE. Things like gunshots that should have more low end don't, and it really sticks out. I tried looking for any theatrical reviews bringing up something about lack of bass but couldn't find anything. I'd really like to see how the SDSS or Dolby mixes compare but chances of getting a hold of them are slim. I have the DVD coming so I'll compare that when I get it.
In the meantime I'll have both versions available.
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The level adjustment you made is exactly how real DTS hardware would have decoded the LFE channel from the audio on the disc. You can tell even looking at the unadjusted waveforms that the LFE level is lower than a lot of other Cinema DTS tracks; that's just how it is.

Chris Munro stated in an interview that he used real gunshots for the FX which he noted sounded very different to the usual FX library gunshots.

Considering that film won the Oscar for Best Sound you'd think there'd be more information available about the creative decisions behind the mix.
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I seem to remember there are audio commentaries on that film. Maybe one of those says something about the soundmix.
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