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Groundhog Day
I've just spend the last half hour looking at screenshots of BDs from different countries, UHD and UHD HDR to SDR converted screenshots... and I have no idea what is the best version of the movie.

To my eye, the U.S/EUR BD probably has the more appropriate colors, but the quality beyond that because of edge enhancement, etc. isn't that good.
The Japanese disc and the UHD colors look completely screwed around with.

I really don't know what to do.  I sill have my old DVD and can't figure what the best upgrade is.
Has anyone ever had the opportunity to compare these releases to a film print?

Do we need a project to color correct the UHD disc (not volunteering since I still have some color blindness).
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I thought the UHD looked great.

All it needs is the original stereo audio.
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General rule of thumb: older HD masters (seen on the DVDs and BDs) tend to be based on an IP or even an interneg. IPs usually have color grading done photochemically at the time of finalizing production.

4k/UHD masters usually source from the OCN, sometimes with inserts from an IP/Interneg for things like credits and whatever frames/shots the OCN are missing or were too damaged. These also take liberties with color timing as the OCN's are raw ungraded footage compared to an IP color timed for a specific purpose. Often the directors are involved with re-color timing, but they tend to make drastic changes from what was originally done to suit their current preference or entice modern audiences.
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Grading is a problem on many newer masters (see anything Studio Canal for starters).

Don't recall it being an issue on GD though.

Usually impressed with Sony grades.
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The 4k is a little hot but near perfect
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I'm stuck watching the VHS over and over again.
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