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IMAX Announces Plans for 4 New 70mm IMAX Cameras
" In cooperation with Kodak, Panavision and FotoKem, Imax will make and deploy at least four new, state-of-the-art film cameras over the next two years — growing its existing group of film cameras by 50% — with plans to put the first new device into use by late 2023.

IMAX is working with filmmakers such as Jordan Peele and Christopher Nolan to identify new features for the prototype development phase, which is already underway. Peele’s next nightmarish film “Nope” (hitting screens on July 22, 2022) and Christopher Nolan’s upcoming war epic “Oppenheimer” (on track for 2023) were shot using the current generation of IMAX film cameras and Kodak 65mm film."

They will be quieter and lighter ( I assume that's what they mean by 'more usable' )



No word on any new 15/70 projectors but this is a huge step in the right direction that I honestly thought wouldn't happen the way IMAX INC has acted in recent years.
Thanks given by: PDB
Glad they are still in the film game.
Thanks given by: arriflexicution
Nolan wouldn't let that stop
Thanks given by: arriflexicution

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