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[Request] Oz the Great and Powerful: The Anti-Cringe Cut
I was wondering if there would ever be an "anti-cringe cut" fanedit of Sam Raimi's Oz the Great and Powerful (2013), since James Franco was revealed to have misogynistic behavior towards women a couple years back and became a blacklisted actor in the movie industry.

I would like the fanedit if it had the following:
  1. Bruce Campbell's credit removed from the opening credits (since he only had a 2-second cameo),
  2. cringeworthy and mean-spirited jokes removed or trimmed,
  3. bad CG improved, removed, or trimmed,
  4. Mila Kunis deepfaked to have Lady Gaga's face and simulated voice (since Mila Kunis was miscast and gives the worst - and an unintentionally hilarious - Wicked Witch performance),
  5. the Wicked Witch of the West's makeup improved (since it looks like a half-witted Jim Carrey in The Mask - "Smokin', my pretty!", anyone?),
  6. James Franco deepfaked to have Robert Downey Jr.'s face and simulated voice (since the role was originally meant to be for Downey),
  7. the 1939-movie-referencing dialogue removed (to make it stand on its own as a "spiritual prequel" rather than a "bad movie referencing a good movie that spiritually comes after it and we'd rather be watching that instead of this"),
  8. the entire movie re-scored with the music of someone other than Danny Elfman and his credit altered to be that composer instead of Danny Elfman (since Danny Elfman does the same music over and over since the late-1990's and this movie's score sounds suspiciously similar to John Williams' Harry Potter scores),
  9. the Munchkin Welcome Song removed,
  10. the deleted carriage scene that was in the trailer added back into the movie,
  11. the hot-air balloon death fake-out scene and all references to it removed,
  12. a mentioning of who came up with the prophecy and that the prophet was killed by Evanora's winged baboons, and
  13. Theodora becoming the Wicked Witch of the West not because she's Woman Scorned, but because she's pretending to be good and love Oscar and wants as much power as, if not more than, Evanora, so both of them can vanquish Oscar and Glinda to prevent the prophecy from fulfilling
I would like the fanedit to be in 3D and 2D versions, both in 1080p HD.

Any other edit suggestions you can think of to make this work?
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I would want the opening scene to be in sepia instead of black and white to reflect The Wizard of Oz.
Project creator.
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(2022-04-14, 03:44 AM)CloakedDragon97 Wrote: I would want the opening scene to be in sepia instead of black and white to reflect The Wizard of Oz.

That would be nice to have in the fanedit if the only things in it referencing The Wizard of Oz were certain shots, elements, and characters, such as the Horses of a Different Color, and that scene with Theodora on the left side and Glinda on the right side of the screen, just no dialogue referencing that movie.
I would also want Oscar to not be a jerk as he is in the movie, since that's out-of-character for the Wizard.

Heck, there could be an additional fanedit of this movie made to look like a vintage late-1930's 35mm Technicolor print, using the 1.78:1 open matte HDTV version of this movie cropped to 1.37:1, with the opening scene tinted in sepia.
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