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Clerks (1994) Question
What was the original theatrical soundtrack for this?

The Blu-ray has a 5.1 mix, but the first DVD and LD had a 2.0 Dolby Surround mix.

I strongly expect the latter to be how it was heard in theatres.

The rough cut was reportedly mono for budget reasons, but it's likely the final Miramaxe version was some kind of stereo.

There's nothing on the film credits or poster art to indicate sound mix.

Anyone know?
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Pretty sure it was Dolby surround
Thanks given by: wongfeihung
Does anyone have an LD-rip of the Dolby Surround (or even the same track from the DVD)?
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I have most copies on most formats, I will look when home
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I've got the DVD if anyone wants/needs it
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Thanks, guys.
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