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Twister - Dolby Atmos / Auro 3D question
So I got the 2 disc Twister release from Turbine Media in the collection

Disc one is the film with Dolby Atmos (which folds down to Dolby TrueHD 7.1) and a DTS 2.0 mix

Disc two contains the Auro 3D mix which interestingly enough, has a DTS-MA 5.1 mix as its core

So I'm just wondering if that Auro 3D core is the theatrical mix? Or if anyone has had the time to compare the mixes available for Twister?

Just after a quick A/B of the two discs I have, I found the bass to be a bit punchier on the Auro 3D core mix
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Auro wasn't a thing until well after Twister came out, so it's definitely a remix.
There was an 8 channel SDSS mix but from what I remember reading it was shown in limited cinemas and was never preserved, so all we have is the 5.1. Best we can hope for is someone finding the Cinema DTS discs.
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Yeah I was aware of Auro 3D coming much later. But seeing the 5.1 mix on the disc got me wondering was the foundation of it was. Is it just a downfold (which I would of presumed would be 7.1 like Atmos does) or have they built the Auro 3D mix on top of a pre-existing mix
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There is no theatrical mix on that disc sadly
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theatrical would need to be really amazing. the atmos mix was fun (if you have the setup for it).
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I think all Turbine Auro 3D / Atmos mixes are remixes, without a theatrical mix in the core.
Both mixes (as far as I have checked the infos on the Sets I got with Auro3D and Atmos) are done by different studios, so they are even different mixes, not even just different encodings of the same mix.
I have the feeling, that universal did not provide the theatrical mix for Twister to turbine, as I think, turbine would have put it on one of the discs, if they had it.
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