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Iron Man 4K: US vs. DE
I was browsing caps-a-holic recently when I came across an oddity: Each film in the Iron Man trilogy has a US and a DE release listed, and they are strikingly different. The DE release appears to have less DNR and the pre-Atmouse 5.1 mix. It seems to have color issues, but I guess you can't really tell from a tonemapped screenshot.

Here's one of the more interesting comparisons: https://caps-a-holic.com/c.php?go=1&a=0&...28&i=9&l=0
In the US 4K ashes just disappear. 

Here's the link for all 3 films: https://caps-a-holic.com/index.php?s=iron+man+

What say you?
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(2022-12-13, 07:30 AM)WDW203 Wrote: The DE release appears to have less DNR and the pre-Atmouse 5.1 mix.

I only looked at Iron Man 1, but the German release is hilariously over sharpened and looks like a strictly inferior encode/transfer vs the US UHD:

And unless you've actually heard the soundtrack, I wouldn't make any assumptions on what it sounds like.
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I have the DE box set, they are a mess.
3 is the best but none of them are good at all.
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Stick with the BD from Paramount. The 4K releases are all shit!
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The best release is the Disney + IMAX version. All the rest is garbage.
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The IMAX still has the DNR but is the best 4k the BDs have the better sound mix and no DNR
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If you wander around all the right tracks have been added to the IMAX Smile
Thanks given by: dvdmike , WDW203 , Setzer
Thanks for the advice, everyone!
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