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[Request] Raw Deal 1986 LD audio
The UHD release of this movie sounds like shit. Both the 5.1 track and the 2.0 track have been subjected to heavy noise reduction but the 5.1 mix is among the worst I've heard, especially for a movie of this vintage.

I have an early 86 HBO Hi-Fi VHS rip I've synced that sounds phenomenal. It looks/sounds like it's had little to no noise reduction. It's a bit light on the low end but that is something that EQ might be able to easily fix.


Does anyone have the LD w/Digital audio? It's a much later release but would love to hear how it compares. https://www.lddb.com/laserdisc/10281/LVD9545/Raw-Deal
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Hi Yarp.

I don't have the LD track yet, but I intend to get it very soon. I'd really appreciate to check the Hi-fi VHS if it's possible.

I have the DVD track too, but it sounds even worse than the UHD.
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