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Is it possible to do a better naked gun hd release than the blu rays?
Is it possible to do a better naked gun hd release than the blu rays? the reason I ask was because they are said to be subpar but how subpar is the question.
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You could add the OG mono.
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I suppose you could use AI to enhance them, add detail and sharpness. That is if your concerns are from the visual side...

I'm actually quite amazed what neural processing built in MadVR can do just on playback alone. You could try playing around with different settings and see how that works for ya...
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Well part 2 and 3 suffer from worse issues than one at least one you could clean up ai upscale 1 to fix it up. the sequels suffer from grain reduction sadly.
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Did anyone find the OG mono?

Hasn't been seen since the laserdisc.

Some Paramount DVDs had OG audio that was later dropped, but not this title.
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Does anyone have the LD mono synced to the UHD?
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