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Dazed and Confused (Stereo)

Has anyone synced the OG stereo mix from either the LD or DVD to Criterion's UHD?

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I guess I'm interested in films no one else is... Tongue
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(2023-05-28, 08:37 AM)wongfeihung Wrote: I guess I'm interested in films no one else is... Tongue

Sorry. Your topic does not have the word "terminator" in it. Please try again.

But seriously, folks... Which DVD had the OG stereo mix? Are we talking an early Universal release or something? I have the old Criterion stashed someplace but (from memory) it just has surround options.
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According to Rewind, only the first Universal DVD (non-anamorphic, no extras) had a 2.0 stereo track.

Perhaps a port of the laserdisc release?
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