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Saw (2004) OG Opening Logo DIY
*edit* I'm retarded and mixed up the LG logo with the one used in the later Saw movies. I'll be on the lookout for that logo in 4k HDR but until then this is project is on hiatus

The UHD of Saw is overall very good, but annoyingly it uses the newer Lionsgate logo instead of the older one that was used theatrically and on other releases. If you're familiar with the old logo, and the Saw films, you'll know that the old logo is much more thematically appropriate to open the film.

Well I recently picked up the UHD of The Cabin in the Woods and noticed it had the original logo, in Dolby Vision, with an Atmos track making it perfect for replacing the one in Saw. So here's an easy guide for doing so while keeping the DV date and the Atmos track intact.

Step 1
Download the logo here
I already did the hard part of trimming the logo out of the movie and syncing up the commentary tracks. The Producers commentary doesn't start until the Twisted Pictures logo so I just downmixed the Atmos for that. The James Wan commentary plays over the opening logo, so that needed an offset to play properly.

Step 2
Trim out the old logo from the Saw UHD.
Add your UHD to mkvtoolnix-gui, then under output>split mode choose "by parts based off timestamps". Then under parts put 00:00:20.646-01:42:52.000. Multiplex into a new file.

Step 3
Add the SawOP.mkv to mkvtoolnix-gui. Then right click on it and select "append files" and select the file you made in step 2. If keeping the commentary tracks make sure they're in the correct order.

Step 4
multiplex and enjoy!

I'm not familiar with the mkvtoolnix cli, but there's probably a way to do all this in a single line script. If I ever bother learning it or someone who knows it more wants to do it I'll update this post. 
Now if I can just get a hold of the Cinema DTS discs for this we can have a definitive UHD release  Tongue
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That's not the right logo.
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(2023-04-14, 09:43 PM)ReconWorld Wrote: That's not the right logo.

Well shit, you're right. My memory was conflated based off the sequels. My fault for not double checking before doing this.

So that begs the question, does this logo exist in 4k?
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