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Cinderella LD tracks synced to UHD
Is anyone willing to sync the early mixes of the movies to the new UHD/4K restoration?
Original Mono Mix from Deluxe CAV Laserdisc (1995)
Stereo Remix from Japanese Laserdisc (1992)
Dolby Surround Remix from Deluxe CAV Laserdisc (1995)
Music & Effects Track from Deluxe CAV Laserdisc (1995)
Thanks given by: xwmario
I have the DTS-MA 1.0 track from the bluray synced up to the UHD. Is the mono from the Deluxe CAV better?
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(2023-04-15, 02:32 PM)uVSthem Wrote: I have the DTS-MA 1.0 track from the bluray synced up to the UHD. Is the mono from the Deluxe CAV better?

I thought that was a downmix?
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Spectogram comparison
[Image: yVOYR0C.png]
[Image: uvnXC4k.png]
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I'm interested in the LD audio if anyone syncs it. I didn't know the BD mono was a down mix. Thanks for the info everyone.
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It's not a downmix, the previous mono on Blu-ray is the original mono which is the same as on the DVD, only the hiss it seems has been removed when compared to the laserdisc.
Thanks given by: jolennon
Hello jolennon
I can sync the tracks mentioned above to the UHD, if I have access to the tracks itself.

Best regards
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