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AI Subtitle Generation
I'm currently working on restoring a German film (thread coming soon) that has never had a subtitled public release. I found one source of fansubs, but they're completely out of time, full of errors, and missing dialogue.  
Are there any good AI models that can generate subtitles based off an audio track? That would be a helpful start in creating an English friendly release.

Alternatively does anyone here speak German and want to translate an entire film for me?  Big Grin
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Apparently, Adobe Premiere has a tool that automatically generations subtitles for you from audio, though I haven't got a clue how good it is—let alone in German.
[Image: ivwz24G.jpg]
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YouTubes one is shocking but that's the only one I have tried
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(2023-04-26, 02:11 PM)dvdmike Wrote: YouTubes one is shocking but that's the only one I have tried

I have uploaded it to youtube, I'm just waiting on the auto captions to show up. It says it supports German, I just hope the audio quality is good enough.
Do you know of a way to check the status or force it somehow?

*edit nevermind it looks like it went. It's missing a lot of dialogue but it's better then what I had before
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Yeah just takes ages
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Looks like I was a little too hopeful on being able to assemble a subtitle track for a language I don't understand. The auto-translation is a mess that I can't clean up without the context of the original.
Maybe I can pay someone on fiverr to translate it for me
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