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[Request] The Rules of the Game [1939] & analyzing audio.
Also requesting VHS, BFI PAL DVD format for the audio or any PAL DVD you could find. So I could analyze the audio.
Quite a rare LD overall. So if anyone has or can capture the audio. I will gladly sync and analyze the audio.

CC LD, any audio option is fine.

Thanks given by:
Audio comparison for The Rules of the Game [1939]
  • Sources Used for comparison (available)
  • Criterion UHD Blu-ray
  • Criterion HD Blu-ray
  • BFI Blu-ray
  • ESC Editions (France) UHD Blu-ray
  • Criterion DVD

    Sources Unavailable
  • Laser Discs / VHS (as mentioned above)

I have been breaking my head on this, as the BFI Blu-ray and the newly released remastered version UHD Blu-ray from Criterion has muffed audio. If you notice the specs below

1. Criterion Blu-ray 1080p -
[Image: 5yzmyc.png]
The audio present with the Old school Criterion Blu-ray is the best, so good that it actually beats the Criterion DVD. You may notice a low pass filter here, but the CC DVD has more of it. Probably the only reason of it being the best audio choice as of now. The depth in dialogues are much clearer and has details very noticeable.

2. Criterion DVD -
[Image: ci5ym0.png]
Could have been an easy win, but due to the low pass filter being very significant and lying on the audible range, One could easily differentiate in the audio loss and quality.

3. Criterion UHD -
[Image: acex7h.png]
I'll keep this as simple as possible, Audio is botched, you could find that out from the score at the samples provided below. Went under heavy noise reduction and has details missing!.

4. BFI Blu-ray -
[Image: 603n7v.png]
The audio presented in the Blu-ray is of 2.0, but after the inverse check it's out to be the mono!! So downed to 1 channel for a better reference.
Well, the same as above, the only difference is that there is a tempo change and a possible shift.

5. ESC Editions (France) UHD Blu-ray - Same as above.

Samples - https://mega.nz/folder/tyoDjLwb#OU0-TuzpxtCtfw2tbL7MAA
The samples consist 10 minutes audio of BFI, Criterion Blu-ray, Criterion UHD Blu-ray. The audio/volumes are matched at the same levels in-order to get a taste test Wink

Thanks given by: jolennon , axeyou , PDB
I can source the BFI DVD for you soon. I have a feeling it might be the best.
Thanks given by: jolennon , xwmario
(2023-06-24, 04:17 AM)M A Wrote: I can source the BFI DVD for you soon. I have a feeling it might be the best.

That would be great Smile
Fingers crossed
Thanks given by:

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