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[Released] Invasion of Monster Zero - The Hybrid Dub
The aim of this project was to recreate the on-set voices of its cast of characters, most notably Nick Adams who spoke English throughout production to only then be dubbed over by Goro Naya for the Japanese release.

He can be heard speaking his native language in the original trailer:

I finished this in June of last year and am pretty pleased with the results bar one small moment where the two soundtracks bled into one another during the scene at the diner. Sources for this project included the Criterion Collection and Classic Media release as well as the OST sourced from the Perfect Box set. The subtitles have been updated where necessary.

Video example: https://we.tl/t-nkdO0BM5F2

The finished project has been uploaded for all to enjoy, reply for a link.
Thanks given by: Yarp , stwd4nder2
This uses the Criterion subtitles? Or the Classic Media ones.
Thanks given by:

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