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4.1 PCM mapping tsmuxer
I’m attempting to mux a 4.1 pcm file, but my blu-ray player (sony x800mkII) is incorrectly mapping my 4.1 file to 5.0.

Media info shows the correct channel mapping, and when I add the file to tsmuxer, it shows 4.1. Not sure where I’m going wrong, and would really appreciate some guidance!

Would my best bet be to duplicate the surround back channel to SL&SR and drop about 3db?

I unfortunately do not have access to DTS-HD master suite, and would like to keep the audio lossless.

Thanks for any help!
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Most players and receivers don't play nicely with PCM in anything but 2.0, 5.0, 5.1, or 7.1. If you want to do anything but those you'll have to use a bitstream format like DTS for proper channel mapping.
Your best best here is to "obtain" a copy of the DTS encoder suite.
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Alternatively as the OP mentioned you can double up the mono surround in order to have a conventional 5.1 channel layout, just be sure to keep the correct channel order and attenuate the L/R surrounds by the correct amount. As long as you're happy with the larger file size for the audio then all is well
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Thank you both for the replies! I’ve done my best to “come across” encoder suite, but every version I’ve found hasn’t worked on either of my systems.

For now I’m just going to use the 5.1 version I made. Doubling the surrounds and attenuating the l/r surround channels -3db sounds matched to the source.

Thanks again!
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