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[Help] Army of One 1993 (Joshua Tree) DVD Artisan
Hi guys,

I am looking for a DVD of Army of One (Joshua Tree) from 1993 unrated version released by Artisan. All the late versions are edited for R-rated (DC), self the director preferred his Rated version.
Just I am editing on my project for unrated version in HD (SD materials are upscaled by AI) but I need a original and unedited English track (Surround).
If someone have this DVD in his collection, please contact me by PN.
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No one have a RC1 DVD?

Happy new year 2024!
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FYI: The unrated version will be released in Germany in Feb. 2024 on Blu-ray, though only in SD as an extra

Visit my YouTube Channel for my projects and movie trailers Ok
Thanks given by: DeafYakuza
Shame its SD only as I prefer the Unrated cut.

Not sure I could go back to DVD quality.
Thanks given by: DeafYakuza
You can find the DVD at Momox shop in germany. It's currently at 10 bucks.
Thanks given by: DeafYakuza
I know that the Release will be available on Mediabook by NSM but hopefully the English track is the original, not edited. If so I will buy it but if no I will buy the US DVD.
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you should look at ebay.com
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