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Hello from former Video Store manager!
Hello there! This is my first post as I just discovered this awesome community! As I stated in the subject heading, I ran a video store in the 90's, and I'm a long-time movie collector myself (started collecting in the late-80's). I have nearly 10,000 films in my personal collection, many of them Laserdiscs and Betamax (I'm a well-known member on both Laserdisc Forever and the Beta is Better Facebook groups and suspect I may know many of you already).

By trade, I've spent the past twenty years working as a video editor, and have access to much of the equipment and software needed to help with preservation.

I recently created custom reconstructions of the 1984 Vincent Price Halloween Thriller tv special and the 1986 film, Willy Milly - as no watchable versions of either were available anywhere online. I'd be happy to share either of my efforts with this community (PM please).

I believe I may also have many of the releases members here are seeking in my collection and look forward to contributing to the preservation of many original sound mixes. I'm unsure how up-to-date many of the "want-lists" here on the forums are, but I will engage with members here individually if I see any ongoing projects I can help out with.
Welcome sir.
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Welcome also
Thanks given by: PomSpitz

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