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The Thing 1982 Announcer's voice for 35mm
And so, I was interested in the TV version of the film, in which there is a voice-over announcer describing each character at the station, there is also a scene in which the name of the Norwegian who shot at the dog is said, and the ending also has a quote from the announcer. I plan to transfer all these moments to the full version of the film, or rather its 35mm copy, which has 5.1 sound. I had already transferred most of the lines to the arrangement of the central channel, but I had to move all these descriptions to completely different scenes, because in the TV version there were duplicate scenes under the announcer’s voice.
I placed the scene with the conversation about the Norwegian’s name, which was not in the full version, at a convenient moment where the turner is on roller skates just during this conversation, because in the TV version, just during his roller coaster, the scene of the conversation about the name takes place.
Thanks given by: Plissken1138

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