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Kill Bill Audio
The Kill Bill films were released in several different audio formats for Region 1/A home video releases. We have:

DVD 5.1 Dolby Digital
BD 5.1 640kbps Dolby Digital
BD 5.1 16bit 48khz PCM (incorrectly labeled as 24bit on packaging).
and finally reissues have replaced the PCM tracks with 5.1 DTS-HD (unsure of bit depth).

I had seen reference online to the PCM tracks clipping and decided to investigate myself. Sure enough they are quite heavily clipped in sections.

Seeing as the packaging states 24 as opposed the 16bit track which is actually on the discs, I’m wondering if somebody poorly dithered the sources down to 16 during mastering, causing the extra clipping.

I compared to the DVD 5.1 DTS, which also clips, but much less so. Both mixes appear the same.

I thought my Tarantino XX box set contained the DTS-HD reissues, but alas they are PCM like my first pressings.

I have also seen reference that the DTS-HD tracks have no clipping, but are entirely different mixes. Before I plunge down more cash on these films, can anybody confirm if they are indeed different?

I would still love to get the theatrical DTS discs for these films, but am trying to determine the best audio in the meantime.

Thanks everyone!
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I think you may have seen reference online from me. Don't fork out more cash! I'll help you out Tongue
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(2024-05-17, 03:34 PM)Kreeep Wrote: I think you may have seen reference online from me. Don't fork out more cash! I'll help you out Tongue


There you are! Surprised your thread didn’t get more traction.

Thank you for cluing me in on this! There is very little info regarding the audio for these films.
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