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Disney's Condorman DVD
I've only ever seen this as a non anamorphic release. I have the Anchor Bay DVD release from several years back and while it is or had also been available directly from Disney that DVD release is also non anamorphic. Does anyone have a preferred method for converting letterboxed to anamorphic and up scaling. I'm thinking something like what was done to the Star Wars DVD versions that HARMY used in the initial Despecialized edits. I could probably count on one hand how many people I know who have even heard of this much less like it. I assume I can do what I want in avisynth but on the off chance that someone familiar with scripting is on here and likes the movie as well, I wanted to check.
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Is there a streaming version out there? Disney has remastered a lot of things that haven't seen a Blu Ray release yet. The Black Hole being among them. DarkJedi has been working on a Team Blu release of that for some time now.

JEDIT:I see a streaming version on Youtube. Anybody want to pony up three bucks and see if it's HD? Smile
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It's panned and scanned. At least the Vudu version was when I tried it some time back.
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Holy crap! Pan and scan in 2016? I didn't think even Disney could be that cheap and nasty.
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I know. Pretty surprising.
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Not really surprising... Disney has a loooooooooooooong history of f***ing with everythingSad
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More likely they don't even have a widescreen master of this film, and were too lazy to do a new transfer. Even if they still do have the 4:3 widescreen master, I'd bet they grabbed the first master they found off the shelf without even checking, and it turned out to be the P&S, and nobody noticed or cared.

Occasionally you still get an old P&S transfer of some obscure catalog title dumped on DVD/VOD (Treasure of the Four Crowns, Metalstorm, etc.), though thankfully it's pretty rare all things considered.
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I guess nobody could find the old VHD videodisc masters in Japan for those. Wink

At least Metalstorm is getting a widescreen 3D Blu Ray release this year.
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Yeah, it really "throws me off" when I see something released in P&S in 20-freakin-16 when the original is WS...

Although that's not as bad as some films that are re-released as "widescreen," but are just a crop of an already cropped P&S transfer (NOT talkin bout "open matte" 4x3 footage)
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I'm determined to learn avisynth and figure out how to use superresolution just so I can clean up my DVD of this. At least it's in the correct aspect ratio even if it isn't anamorphic although that's still inexcusable in 2016!!

Jedit: Is it just me or do other people type r-a-t-i-o-n when trying to type the word aspect ratio. I always put a freaking n on the end of it. It's like my brain knows how to spell it but my fingers keep going lol
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