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Dolby Stereo and SR trailer reconstructions
Back in the good old analogue days, Dolby Labs and Filmack made some brief animated logos to show in front of features presented in Dolby Stereo. Unlike the digital equivalents, these trailers haven't been terribly well preserved in the years since; indeed any copies you might find online are sourced from some opportunistic VHS recordings.

A couple of years ago I got in touch with the owner of a tape containing some of these logos, and he let me transfer them at as high quality as the recording would allow. You might have downloaded some of these transfers back when I posted them on OT (the guy who grabbed them and posted them on his YouTube channel certainly did!) These transfers were still quite lacking in definition, being sourced from second generation tape copies of screen tapings (in frame-mashing PAL, no less). That said, the stereo sound was very well preserved, so they seemed ideally suited to reconstruction.

A couple of years on and that project is done! These versions have been rebuilt from scratch in After Effects (in 1080p, of course) and synced up to the original audio (preserved in PCM). For my own purposes I've given the basic animation a good hammering in terms of gate weave, grain and damage, but for sharing I've kept them clean so other folks can make their own minds up about that. I've also slightly re-composed them to make scope versions, which I can make available on request; for now these are just the authentic flat 1.85:1 format.

I hope they are useful for people's vintage home cinema experiences! For now I'd like to keep them exclusive for the good people of FanRes - I'll put them on my own YouTube channel in time.

A few screens:

Dolby Stereo - Our Feature Presentation

[Image: Dolby%20OFP%201.jpg]

[Image: Dolby%20OFP%202.jpg]

Dolby Stereo - For Your Listening Pleasure

[Image: Dolby%20listening%20pleasure%201.jpg]

[Image: Dolby%20listening%20pleasure%202.jpg]

Dolby SR - For Your Listening Pleasure

[Image: Dolby%20Sr%20listening%20pleasure%201.jpg]

[Image: Dolby%20SR%20listening%20pleasure%202.jpg]
Thanks given by: jerryshadoe , PDB , DiogoFer , scalon , sertoli , Bigrob
I saw an earlier version of Jonno's Dolby trailers and I have to say they are pretty awesome! Took me back to being a little kid in the theater waiting for the movie to start.

Its fun adding them into a mix of trailers before you watch a film.
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This is awesome. Thanx4putting in the effort into putting this togetherWink
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A pleasure, Jerry. I hope to do more in the future (though actual film scans are the real dream here).
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Yeah, actual film scans for these would be awesome...
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Great work!
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How can we download?
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