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Pearl Harbor (2001) - 35mm Trailer with Cinema DTS 5.1 2K
This is a YouTube rip from 35mm Movie Trailers Scans and it was only in 2.0 audio. I've added the 5.1 Cinema DTS audio from the remastered trailer by taas007 .
Big thanks goes to Dennis-Carl for the scan, @taas007,@DoomBot and @borisanddoris for making the C-DTS audio available.

I've removed a bit from the beginning and end, so that you wont see any leaders. The trailer didn't contain the MPAA card. The original audio from the YT file is not included, due to the framerate change.

Download: MediaFire

Video slowed down to 23,976 with MKVtoolNix and the audio is in perfect sync.

Original post by 35mm Movie Trailers Scans and send him a Ok
Visit my YouTube Channel for my projects and movie trailers Ok
Thanks given by: dvdmike , PDB , borisanddoris , Falcon , pauman
I was actually working on a rip of this over the weekend too! I also wanted to do a new decode of the DTS .aud file to ensure the levels were correct.  Here's my take, with the green band restored, the highlights and shadows adjusted ever so slightly, put to a proper 2.40:1, and with six track DTS in LPCM 16-bit 44.1khz. 


How long is America going to pretend that the world is not at war?
Thanks given by: bendermac

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