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Converting .h264 and .dts for editing
How would I go about it? I wouldn't have to get some proprietary software for this operation, would I?
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The easiest way I find is to use Virtualdub or Avisynth and Virtualdub. What container is the h.264 in?
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An .mkv. Right now I'm nearly done converting it via DivX Converter. Would that do the trick?
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No, I had to cancel that. I don't know, I'm completely stumped here! I suppose I'd have to edit them directly in some special software or something. Would Sony Vegas do that?
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Sony Vegas should work fine with .h264. You could just import the video into VirtualDub and convert it into some loseless .avi codec and use if in nearly any video editing software then.

As for .dts, use eac3to to convert it into .wav and work with it.
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Yes, what Colek said, try virtualdub and just drag the file into it. Make sure you have Lagarith or another loseless avi codec.
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I can't just drag an MKV into VirtualDub, can I?
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Sometimes you can, sometimes you can't. Depends what's in the mkv. If its h.264 should be fine, if not get avisynth.
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I can't, it says it's an unsupported file type.
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Install Avisynth+, install LSMASHSource, open notepad, write in it

LSMASHVideoSource("path to your file")

Save it as .avs and open that in VirtualDub
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