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Sorcerer (1977) LD PCM
Anybody have this Laserdisc?


The Blu-ray 5.1 remix is quite revisionist, even more so than most 5.1 remixes, most notably *SPOILER ALERT* by adding a gunshot sound effect to the final shot.

If someone happens to have the LD and can rip the audio, then I hereby express interest in seeing it ripped and synced to the Blu-ray.

EDIT: I'm seeing now that the French BD has an English Stereo option. Don't know if it's the original mix or a downmix. If it's the former, then the LD might not be necessary.
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I have the french BD I need to check out the audio.
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The 2.0 on the French BD is a downmix of the new mix.

I've synced the stereo track from the DVD, and it sounds surprisingly excellent. Mixing differences aside (simply too many to count), the original mix holds up extremely well, even in terms of just fidelity. In many ways, I prefer it to the new mix, especially its EQ of all dialogue.

I have yet to watch the film entirely with this synced track, so I'm hesitant to share it here just yet. If anyone would like to help verify that there are no errors, let me know. I've also re-translated most of the French dialogue, since the theatrical subtitles are extremely vague and often downright Engrish-y.
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I've yet to watch this film and i have the French BD as well. Almost watched it the other day but realized i didn't have subtitles for the French dialogue! Now i find out the 2.0 is a damn downmix. Sad

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I would be willing to test the track. I'll probably watch it this weekend.
I would also love those subtitles. I don't think the blu ray subtitles are theatrical. They seem to originate with the fullscreen transfer that was used on the DVD. It's bizarre that they didn't use the theatrical subs. The same thing happened to Nikita, which had a US theatrical release, but currently has subtitles that manage to subtitle "arrivederci" as "Harry Vederchi." The person who translated the film ostensibly knows both French and English, but has apparently never heard of the Italian language.
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I'll actually probably be able to watch it tomorrow, but thanks!

I assumed the blu-ray/DVD subtitles were theatrical because they're identical. Like, 100% identical, grammar/formatting errors and all. Spaces before question marks, etc.

Seems I was wrong, at least according to this picture of a 16 mm print: http://s9.photobucket.com/user/ryhffmn/m...4.jpg.html -- this line is split differently on the R1 DVD/BD.

But the R1 DVD/BD subtitles could very well still be typographically faithful to the theatrical subtitles while being split/synced differently... I'd say this is quite likely.

Anyway, the French actors do indeed seem to be speaking straight from Walon Green's (very descriptive) screenplay, so I pulled most of those lines directly from the script. However, the early scene with Victor Manzon and his wife is not in the screenplay, so these lines were translated from scratch. I chose not to translate anything that wasn't already subtitled, since none of it is integral to the story and I'm absolutely certain it was Friedkin's original intent for it to be this way.

I don't know much Spanish, so very little of the Spanish dialogue was changed. (Anything I did touch--all in the final scene--I did using the script and Spanish subtitles as references to be sure of exactly what is spoken.) Not a big deal though, since by this point in the film most of the Spanish dialogue is clearly intended to be left untranslated for subjective POV reasons.
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This has been a long-term project idea for me - sync the PCM stereo, sort out the colour a bit, restore the original subtitles and placement etc.

Like you I'm still looking for the laserdisc itself, but I do have an xvid rip if that's any help.
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(2017-02-22, 03:32 AM)iguanaclerk Wrote: ..."arrivederci" as "Harry Vederchi"

I'm still undecided if I have to laugh out loud Big Grin , or crying like crazy... Sad
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It's absurdly funny. There is no possible context where it makes sense, either. I think the bluray subs originate with the remastered widescreen laserdisc, and I've always wondered if the old VHS or laserdisc has better subtitles.
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(2017-02-20, 07:40 AM)Moshrom Wrote: I've also re-translated most of the French dialogue, since the theatrical subtitles are extremely vague and often downright Engrish-y.

Hey, can you post your updated subtitles if you are willing?
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