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Help needed - someone who would like to finish my bonus projects...
Too many projects to complete, so I've decided to do only movie-related ones, and left the unfinished extras out... but I'm sad, because they have some interesting material not found anywhere else.

So, if there is someone with technical abilities to release a proper DVD with custom menus, AND willing to finish one or more of them, please let me know.

The ones that I'd like to see finished are (from the most important):

The Arrival
Cube 2: Hypercube
The Thing

I have also few material related to my other projects that could be used as well.

Waiting for your replies!
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Regarding the menus... do they have to have motion, or can they be static? (I've seen Blu-ray menus go both ways myself.)
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I'd prefer animated menus - even with simple motion background - but static would be fine; the most important thing is to have a great overall finished project.
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I'm not committing just yet, I'd like to know the specific special features you might need, so I'll know what to look for should I commit (the ones I'm most interested in are The Arrival and The Thing).
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For The Arrival, I have all the needed material - just to assemble it in a meaningful way; the same for The Thing, with a bit of work to do.

No rush, but it's good to know someone would eventually put them in use.
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I'll do whatever I can, at whatever pace I can. BTW would my current laptop be able to handle such a project as this? (I haven't yet gotten my next computer.)
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I think there is no problems, as the bonus material is almost (if not all) in SD.
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