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"thanks" problem
There seems to be a bug in the "thanks" system; I see some posts "thanked" twice of three times by the same user...

Feallan, may you check this? I saw the plugin has not any settings, so maybe it doesn't like the latest mybb version.
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Yeah I noticed it. The problem is that the plugin is old and discontinued, and something in one of the recent MyBB updates made it misbehave, adding the same thanks (even with the same timecode) twice. Fixing it is on my todo list, but I haven't had a lot of time for the forum recently. I will have some free time in the next couple of days and hope to fix that and a couple other things.

I will either try to dig into the code for the plugin (if it's a simple change I should be able to make it, even with my horrible PHP skills), or install a new one. The database table with given thanks is straightforward and deleting duplicate entries won't be a problem, don't worry about those.
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Finally got around to fixing it. The problem shouldn't be present anymore (if it ever comes back, PM me), and all duplicate thanks have been removed from the database.
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Thanks Feallan
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