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Preview problem & Vimeo Embeds

since the site moved to the new server I've been running into these bugs:

If I try to insert a video from Vimeo, the BBCode that gets inserted misspells "Vimeo" (I think it appears as "Vemio" or something similar, clearly just a typo) but obviously it doesn't work. No big deal, I just edit it to correct the spelling and then it works, but it's should be a bug that is very easy to fix Smile

Secondly, and I don't know if this is a related issue or a separate one, but when I go to preview my post (usually with videos and images in it), the initial preview works as it should. However, if I make edits and click preview again, all my text disappears from the edit text box. If I click post, it still posts correctly, but I can't edit it at all after that without posting first and then clicking Edit again.

I'm using the Chrome on Windows 10.
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Sorry for the delay, I was on vacation

First one is a bug introduced in myBB. They're supposed to fix it in new version, but since it was a very simple modification I fixed it here too. To see the change refresh new post window with Ctrl + F5

The second one I can't reproduce. Does anyone else confirm having the same issue? Could you check on a different browser?
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