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[No Longer Available] Dragonslayer (Video Fix and Color Correction)
[Image: PTlzd65.jpg]

Dragonslayer (Video Fix and Color Correction v4.0)

Project Info:
I'm fan of Dragonslayer from my youth. I wouldn't say its the best movie in the world but I certainly enjoy it.

Sadly, Dragonslayer has yet to appear on BD but has made an appearance on HDTV, Itunes and other Web-DLs to limited success. Every HD copy of DS has strong vertical lines running down the picture, similar to compression noise. It appears to be something done on the master level.

Orig/Cleaned up and CRT corrected
[Image: 024HQDb.png]

Orig/Cleaned up and CRT corrected x400
[Image: TVcNLpi.png]

Beyond that this seems to have strong color tones of being corrected on older CRT monitor.  This project attempts to fix many of those old masters by making them look how the color technician would see them on a CRT master monitor. Not necessarily more theatrically accurate but hopefully closer to what the colorist wanted and hopefully more pleasing to the eye. So this project is to fix those errors and then color corrects the movie how it looks on my Sony BVM monitor (and closer to what the LD looks like). See more here:


Audio-wise I think I still have a copy of the LD's PCM 2.0. I also have the Web-DL's 2.0 and the DVD's 2.0 and 5.1

Amazon web-dl  de-blocked with vertical lines mitigated and color corrected closer on a CRT mastering monitor..

1. PCM 2.0 Dolby Surround (from the WS LD)
2. EAC-3 2.0 (from the Web-DL)
3. Dolby Digital 2.0 (from the US DVD)
4. Dolby Digital 5.1 (from the US DVD)

Final MKV
[Image: Dragonslayer-Video-Fix-Project-CRT-8-v4-...-06-22.jpg]

CRT Corrected/Original
[Image: 072jrq6.jpg]

Zoidberg for the PAL DVD

Is anyone working or worked on a Dragonslayer HD project? I've seen that there is an HD and iTunes copy floating around and their looks to be some color variations according to notonbluray.


And there is the PCM track from the LD
Thanks given by: zoidberg
I'd give a try on a 50/50 color mix... just out of curiosity, to see how it would look.
Thanks given by:
I don't have the PAL DVD or Itunes....yet
Thanks given by:
"yet" is the magic word! Big Grin
Thanks given by:
I've the NTSC DVD, in case you need it Smile
Thanks given by:
Got it but thank you bendermac, I appreciate it.

Someone offered me the PAL disc

Lucky the HDTV is playing in a few days, I'm hoping to cap it
Thanks given by:
There was an HDTV cap a long time ago. I don't have it, and there's no guarantee it was any good, but it might still be floating around somewhere on the web. It was OAR.
Thanks given by:
I looked and couldn't find it but maybe I didn't go far enough.

I should be able to record the transport stream for the upcoming broadcast so hopefully that will be worth it (ie little blocking, still have grain)
Thanks given by:
Does anyone have the Widescreen LD? I want to get the PCM 2.0 if possible.

Edit: Got a copy
Thanks given by:
Ok recorded the TS of Dragonslayer last night and at first glance it looks pretty good. Its Mpeg-2 at 18.2 and ac-3 5.1 for the audio. Seems to be the same master as the DVD and Itunes but with short Starz logo every once in awhile.
Thanks given by:

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