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Audio problem with Jaws 2 Bluray
I thought to post here about this, since posting this to a couple of video/bluray forums, didn't get me far. And I haven't understood yet if I'm the only one reporting this problem.
Since you here good people are more accute in eyes and ears, i believe you might be of a better help.

I generally play my Blurays on pc with PowerDVD.
In 5-6 Blurays I was experiencing some popping/clicking sounds in the DTS-HD MA audio (which were in the exact same spot when i played again the scenes in question), but then I played the blurays with MPC-HC and the audio was just fine. (I use AC3filter)
So, it was just a player issue with powerDVD.

I've bought the UK bluray of Jaws 2 and there are very frequently popping sounds (eg. at 45.53'', 45.58', 46.11', 46.14'', 46.19'') (like listening to an old LP) and no matter what software I use (powerDVD, MPC, Leawo player, WinDVD) the popping sounds are there in the exact same spot.
(of course the other audio options with the dubs in DTS don't have those pops)
I tried other audio decoders like LAVfiter, ffdshow but the problem persists. of course I don't know if it's just one option in these that I should change.

I then downloaded some bluray rips (wanted to make sure I don't have a faulty disc), problem still there.
Found an example scene in question online (the pops are not only here, they are all over the film), and the pops are still there in the exact same spots although not so pronounced here due to youtube's compression:
at 0.11'', 0.15'', 0.18'', 0.28'', 0.31'', 0.36'' etc.:

Generally I have a sensitive hearing (I am a musician), but I trust everyone else hears this?

The film is unwatchable for me with this audio problem and I'm not sure if it's my audio set up's fault.

The official DVD I have of this film, doesn't feature these pops (of course the audio there is lossy), neither the lossy dubs on the Bluray.

I say this because someone suggested that:
Quote:Those pops are distortions from the video and audio equipment that was used in the 1970s to make the movie. Also, the conditions where they kept the film can affect the film's quality. As the film ages, the quality suffers. Old films will not look like the same quality as today's movies.

I've gone nuts here and don't know what to do. Huh

The strange thing is that I haven't read a single report of such a thing in Bluray reviews, or posts from other Bluray viewers.
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If I pay attention, I can hear these faint "clicks", so they are there indeed... solutions? Use another source, as DVD or LD - probably the latter PCM should sound better than lossy AC3 from the former...
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(2017-05-23, 09:14 PM)spoRv Wrote: If I pay attention, I can hear these faint "clicks", so they are there indeed... solutions? Use another source, as DVD or LD - probably the latter PCM should sound better than lossy AC3 from the former...

well, I bought the bluray and I would expect it to be pristine and without any problems and without having to make custom blurays.
Also I don't have an LD rip of the audio, and even if I had, i don't know how to add and sync the audio to the bluray.
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I understand your expectations, but we are here to fix these kind of problems! Wink

Haven't that disc, but maybe someone with it would chime in.
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Casual: “I guess they forgot to declick some parts of the audio track.”
Take it from me Universal is not the best when it comes to preserving its original audio tracks sometimes they may even forget stuff.
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