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Confirm Defaults Are HTTPS: Rather Than HTTP:
In posting a rather humorous little video from YouTube, the default for inserting it into the post was for HTTP. Since FR upgraded to HTTPS, references (pictures, video) with HTTP: do not show the media, but only the links. With the defaults updated, they would at least serve as a warning for the unwary poster of the proper type to use. Perhaps adding some code to change any HTTP entry to HTTPS would work as well? (Keep in mind that while most website will respond to HTTPS, some do not support HTTPS, which would result in nothing or an error.)

There might be other instances, in different areas of the forum, that have not been updated to HTTPS defaults and probably those should be updated, too.

Or, as the Hungarian translation book would say, "I will not buy this record. It is scratched."   Wink
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Like you said, if the website doesn't support https you could completely break the link which would confuse people not really familiar with technical stuff.

I could change links to https to most popular sites like Youtube or Imgur, maybe I will when I get around it
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Do we have LMMFAO= Laughing My Mother Feckin Arse Off or PMSL = Pissing Myself Laughing?

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Then definitely check out the common abbreviations/acronyms thread https://fanrestore.com/thread-1540.html and add all your favorites!

[EDIT: oh, I see you voted ... never mind ... hmm, I wonder if there's a NM ? ]
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