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Halloween Ressurection Uncut German Limited Edition Set??
Do any of our German members own this set? I'd like to know more about it please? Special features?? Video/Audio quality?? Is it really Uncut?? Thanks.

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Uncut for Germany can often just mean it's the R rated cut
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That's a shame. I was hoping it might be a bit more special than than, lol.
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I don't own it, but I researched a bit:
Seem to be the same movie version as the us disc.
Also I doubt that the video quality is better. Normally the releasing company use US master and does some bit of DNR.

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Seems like the DE has a nicer picture on it.
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(2017-07-19, 06:41 PM)Jetrell Fo Wrote: Seems like the DE has a nicer picture on it.
Yeah, looks like the DE is better, if it is low $.

In the screenshots, not a moving picture, the DE version has a bit more grain, which makes it look a bit sharper, as a screenshot, however I think many don't care at the small difference and how it looks during a screenshot.
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